Davis Place IV

Spring 2008 brings the beginning of Davis Plave IV and the end of a building at 601 Garfield Avenue. Before it is removed we want to give some of the history that will always be remembered through saved photos, words, and a history hard copy written by James E. Jacobsen of Des Moines, Iowa. See narrative he compiled from several sources. We found it interesting and informative and are happy to have been able to share this information with everyone interested.
601 Garfield Avenue History

1907 Johnson Street

We purchased this building nearly two years ago and intend to remove it this spring which will clean up the back side of 521 Garfield Avenue. It will also add green space to our building and enhance the overall safety and appearance of Davis Place. One of the possibilities for the future is the addition of a building that will house Davis Place equipment. This will include snow removal, lawn care, and general construction equipment.

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