527 Garfield Ave.

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This structure was converted from a woodworking shop to a Hair salon in 2010. The Salon is called The Hairport Styling Terminal and is now open for business! It can be found at There are also two, single bedroom, loft-style apartments in the upper level of the building completed in 2011 as well as a large, two bedroom apartment. The rear of the building is currently a shop for Davis Place Construction where tools are stored and vehicle maintenance is done.

Before Before Before Before After After After After

601 Garfield Ave.

The images below show the original structure on this property. This has been removed and replaced with a new non-smoking 12-room facility for single men. Davis Place IV was completed on January 1, 2009 and we are currently taking tenant applications.

601 Garfield rear view 601 Garfield front view 601 Garfield garage 601 Garfield garage

1907 Johnson St.

This building has been razed and the property has been platted and rezoned. It has been added to the property which was purchased at 527 Garfield and is intended to be used as a parking area for Hairport Salon clientele and tenants.

1907 Johnson Street

530 Rhomberg Ave.

This property was purchased in 2008 by Davis Place LLC as a single family house. The inside has been completely remodelled as a duplex facility and is currently rented. If any apartments become available for rent in this location, an update will be posted.