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Hail Damage?

Did you get hail damage on your roof this year? Davis Place Construction can help you through this by working with you and your insurance oompany to get your house fixed. We provide free estimates and can help you decide what your best option is. Contact us.

Coming in 2010:

Custom Floor Plans and 3D Modeling - We will soon be offering customers the ability to turn their ideas into actual floor plans and a 3D model of what their dream home could look like. This service will be offered for a premium that will be refunded to anyone who chooses Davis Place Construction as their contractor. We are also more than happy to give an estimate from existing floor plans or blueprints if they are available. Contact us.


Remodeling is done on a job by job basis. Depending on each job, it can be bid as a whole or by and hourly rate plus materials. Due to the added expense of removal and cleanup it is impossible to provide an accurate financial calculator on this site.