Davis Place Apartments

Summary of Services

Davis Place Apartments is a single-room occupancy (SRO) apartment where all utilities (electric, water, sewer, basic cable) are included as well as a free laundry facility on each floor. The rooms are furnished with a bed, wardrobe, small refrigerator, ceiling fans, and blinds. Every building has a community kitchen and dining area, a large community area with a big-screen TV and a small library. Some other amenities include pool tables, foosball tables, pianos, horse shoe pit, and an exercise area.


Each year Davis Place puts together a community event on Father's Day and Christmas. On Father's Day we hold a hog roast for the tenants and their families. This is a time for the guys to socialize and get to know each other as well as join in on the festivities and the competitions for the day. The major competition for the day is the Annual Horse Shoe Tournament. The Christmas dinner has had lots of success because it brings people together to celebrate the holiday.

Davis Place Apartments

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